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Organic Rankine Cycle

An Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) converts low temperature waste heat to electricity.

In an ORC a working fluid is vaporised and superheated by an external heat source before entering a turbine that extracts the velocity and pressure energy from the gas. This energy is converted into rotational energy by action of the turbine blades, which is then transferred to a generator shaft in order to convert the energy into electricity. 

A Northeast firm is leading the way in this technology by developing a system that converts low temperature waste heat from process sector manufacturing outlets to CO2 free electricity. Based out of Wilton in the Tees Valley, DRD Power has just completed the installation of its first heat recovery system. Please see a fuller overview here.

The DRD Power ORC system is one of the first in the world to generate electricity from low grade heat, in the form of waste steam or hot water, at temperatures as low as 90ºC. 
As well as being one of the few systems to work with low grade heat, for the first time this revolutionary system gives operators of large scale process plants and manufacturing facilities an economically viable ORC solution. Organic working fluids used in such cycles do have varied physical and chemical properties, but it is their low boiling points that make them suitable for use with low temperature heat sources. 

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