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Gasification & Pyrolysis

Gasification is a process that converts biomass materials at high temperature, into a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, known as synthesis or syngas. The syngas can be used as a precursor to a range of products including energy, fuels and chemicals/intermediates.

Air Products is currently building the most advanced plasma gasification facilities in the world. Situated in the Tees Valley at Seal Sands in Stockton on Tees, in an area referred to as the Reclamation Pond site, adjacent to the North Tees Chemical Complex near Billingham, the two renewable energy plants will convert waste to electricity.  Known locally as Tees Valley 1 and Tees Valley 2, this Tees Valley project is one of the most exciting and innovative energy projects in the world with two of the largest renewable energy facilities in the world using advanced gasification energy-from-waste technology, with the potential to revolutionize the waste-to-energy sector.

By making the most efficient use of waste, the Tees Valley facilities will reduce the environmental impact of landfill, and help to tackle the UK's waste disposal issues. The project will also assist in improving the UK's energy security by reducing the nation's need for imported fossil fuels. Both facilities will generate approximately 100MW combined, enough to power over 100,000 homes and divert over 700,000 tonnes a year of non-recyclable waste from landfill. The project economics are supported by long term feedstock and product supply contracts that enable us to offer long-term jobs and stimulate the local economy.

Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of biomass that when heated in the absence of oxygen at temperatures over 500°C produces pyrolysis oil. PYReco’s Zerowaste Process (PZP) delivers resource life cycles through pyrolysis. It is achieved through a critically controlled procedure. PYReco is entirely focused on the reclamation of valuable materials from waste tyres.

While PYReco’s Zerowaste Process can be utilised for waste plastics and other rubber components they are totally concentrated on the reclamation of tyre additives and materials. The enormous volumes and recognised constituents of tyres enable them to produce a consistently high quality PZP Eco Black. PYReco is not waste to energy. The principle objective is to gain the maximum material value from the process. The materials released by the process are, PZP Eco Black, PZP Eco Oil, PZP Eco Gas and PZP Eco Steel. There is no ash or waste residue to be land filled. There are no emissions to air from the process. The calciner/kiln is sealed and purged of oxygen during operation.

The Materials Processing Institute is an Open-Access Technology Centre serving organisations which work with materials, materials processing or energy Supporting the Materials Processing Institute's professional knowledge and expertise are a range of relevant high quality equipment and laboratory facilities, together with facilities for the pyrolysis of materials.

This forms part of the Thermal Technology Centre, a multi-million pound project based at the Materials Processing Institute and consisting of two pilot plants – a 350 kg pyrolysis oven and a 2 metre diameter fully flexible gasifier.

This is significant as the scale of the equipment is midway between laboratory and industrial production, enabling companies to hire the facilities to test the viability of their processes and seek help in developing them. It is expected that the research conducted at the site will lead to novel sources of energy, the recovery of raw materials and reductions in the volumes of organic waste produced.

The Centre offers expertise for industries and developers who are involved with, or interested in, using thermal processes. It offers the know-how, capability and physical assets to enable customers to develop new processes, revitalise existing products and improve existing processes. The Centre provides its customers with expertise and development assets that accelerate and de-risk the translation of innovations into new and improved products and processes, through access to high temperature technologies.

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