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Deriving maximum value from biomass means deriving value from all of its principal constituent parts, namely cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin. These 3 product streams can be sold as products to a wide range of companies producing materials, chemicals, fuel, heat and power.

In the near term, the most feasible option for the Northeast region would be in the production of high value cellulose derivative products from the cellulose fraction, bioethanol from the hemicelluloses and energy from the lignin fraction [Marketing Study for Biomass Treatment Technology] which is under Industry Reports].

The UK has an established cellulose derivatives industry which is currently based on imported dissolving pulp, therefore a market demand would exist should the correct cellulose quality and price be achieved. The fermentation of hemicelluloses to ethanol would be largely driven by European renewable fuel policies. The region has a key opportunity to take the lead in the UK and perhaps internationally, in the development of biomass fractionation.  An appropriate strategy for the development of this sector going forward will need to be formulated.

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