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Carbon Capture & Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) can provide a carbon solution for both our power and industrial needs safeguarding existing industries and enabling growth. CCS comprises:
Capture - the separation of CO2 from gases produced in electricity generation and industrial processes
Transport - transport of CO2 by pipeline or potentially by ship
Storage - long‐term secure storage of CO2 in carefully selected geological rock formations that are typically located several kilometres below the earth's surface offshore.

The UK vitally needs to replace its ageing power generation fleet with flexible, competitive low carbon and supply secure facilities. Furthermore, the UK’s energy intensive industries are becoming increasingly exposed to carbon costs under the European Emissions Trading Scheme. These costs represent a major challenge to competitiveness for the many industries with limited opportunity to pass them on to customers. Without a solution, investment in new assets or in improving and updating existing plants will be limited, with inevitable economic impact.

The UK is uniquely placed in Europe to adopt CCS with much of its industry and generation capacity located on the North Sea coast and with access to abundant sites for safe and secure offshore storage. The Tees Valley in particular is the most tightly concentrated clusters of energy intensive industry in the UK, producing around 5% of the UK’s CO2 emissions.

CCS affords the opportunity to safeguard the existing industries and attract new carbon intensive investments into the region from around the world. CCS allows CO2 to be used for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). This unlocks otherwise unrecoverable oil, increasing energy security, taxation revenues and the resource related wealth of UK Plc.

CCS in the Tees Valley

During the course of 2014/2015. Teesside Collective was formed www.teessidecollective.co.uk. It is a cluster of leading industries with a shared vision: to establish Teesside as the go-to location for future clean industrial development by creating Europe’s first Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) equipped industrial zone.

Tees Valley Unlimited, the Local Enterprise Partnership which includes the Teesside industrial cluster, was awarded funding through UK Department of Energy and Climate Change to develop a business case for deploying industrial CCS in the Teesside cluster and to make recommendations for a funding mechanism. Reports are available from the above referenced website.

Teesside Collective is a pioneering infrastructure project offering a compelling opportunity to progress the UK’s industrial and environmental interest’s hand-in-hand.

CCS is a proven technology that can capture, transport and permanently store up to 90% of the CO₂ emissions produced by industrial facilities, preventing them from entering the atmosphere. It is a key technology for tackling climate change  in an affordable  way, delivering economic growth and regional prosperity.

CCS is the only viable technology able to reduce industrial CO₂ emissions. It is already operating successfully at industrial sites in the US and the skills and experience already exist to safely deliver CCS in the UK.

To put the potential benefits in context, according to the International Energy Agency industry (steel, iron, cement, refineries and chemicals) accounts for 20% of global CO₂ emissions.

“CCS on industrial plants is going to be a critical part of the global effort to prevent serious climate change. Teesside is in the right place, at the right time, to get ahead of the curve.”
Sir David King, UK’s Special Representative for Climate Change.

“For many industries, CCS will be the only long-term way to cut carbon and stay competitive in a low-carbon economy. The report published by the Teesside Collective is a critical step forward for industrial CCS, signaling a prosperous future for the UK’s energy-intensive industries.”
Michelle Hubert, Head of Energy and Climate Change, CBI.

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