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Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is a developing technology in the UK and supported through Government incentives such as renewable obligation certificates (ROC’s) on a large scale and also through feed in tariffs (FIT’s) on a smaller plant scale.

In the North East of England, an innovative Anaerobic Digestion Development Centre (ADDC) has been created against the backdrop of a global thrust to develop renewable energy sources, cut CO2 emissions and reduce the levels of waste going to landfill.

Treatment work has now commenced at Northumbrian Water’s site at Howdon, North Tyneside to convert sludge remaining after sewage treatment into green electricity. The £34M investment compliments the firms existing advanced digestion plant installed at its largest works at Bran Sands on Teesside.

Using the emerging new technology of ‘thermal hydrolysis advanced digestion’ and keep Northumbrian Water at the forefront of the water industry. More than 500,000 tonnes of sludge from the treatment of domestic sewage and industrial effluent from a population equivalent of 1,000,000 people, will be reduced to about 60,000 tonnes and will generate 4MW of green electricity.

Northumbrian Water’s existing advanced digestion plant at Bran Sands on Teesside is shown below;

Northumbrian Water

Anaerobic Digestion Development Centre

The Anaerobic Digestion Development Centre (ADDC) is an open access asset based facility operated by the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI). It is designed to help organisations of all sizes to develop tailored anaerobic digestion processes that solve organic waste problems quickly and cost effectively. The ADDC can explore alternatives to traditional waste disposal to create cleaner, more sustainable and more acceptable anaerobic digestion processes. The objective of the ADDC is to provide the facilities and expertise to enable both the public and private sectors to lead and compete in world markets. In particular, the ADDC can help clients to:

  • Reduce cost, reduce waste
    Develop robust anaerobic digestion biogas processes and compliant digestate by-products to reduce waste and produce goods more sustainably and cost effectively.
  • Be first to market and reduce risk
    Use the ADDC facilities and expertise to fast-track anaerobic digestion processes and products into novel, full-scale production capabilities.
  • Access services under one roof
    Take advantage of the ADDC's comprehensive suite of services from a single location at CPI's North East England head quarters.
  • Develop and test novel AD technology
    Innovate your AD technology by incorporating it into the ADDC's flexible configuration. Technology can then be tested, refined and perfected, before being released to the market.

Emerald Biogas

Diverting food waste into valuable new commodities is the core business of Emerald Biogas, the North East’s first commercial food waste anaerobic digestion facility. The £8M facility has been designed to recycle food waste - leftover and unsold products - generated by commercial organisations including food manufacturing companies, retailers, schools and leisure outlets amongst others.

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