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Green Management Programme for SMEs

Delivering Energy Efficient Low Carbon Sustainable Industry (DEELOCSI)



If a potential client asked you to display your company’s green credentials, could you?
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Demonstrating resource efficiency & carbon footprint is key to future sales in all industries. There is a growing requirement from the consumer for suppliers to demonstrate green credentials. A significant contribution to the “greening up” of consumer products will come from manufacturing and its supply chain, with a growing number of these companies being asked to assess and submit their resource efficiency and carbon footprint for products going into consumer markets.

In order for companies to maintain and grow their businesses into the future, the manufacturing and its supply chain must be able to demonstrate and report a creditable assessment of their contribution to the green credentials. Companies who can clearly demonstrate an understanding and deliver this data will place themselves ahead of competitors that cannot provide such information and ultimately win new business.

NEPIC is supporting SMEs in this area through its newly launched Green Management Programme: Delivering Energy Efficient Low Carbon Sustainable Industry and will be known as DEELOCSI. This new service will work with SMEs to check that appropriate tools are being utilised, to ensure that companies can not only improve efficiency but also reduce carbon usage. However, the cluster feels that such work is worthless unless it is used to gain new business; therefore key to the project is how SMEs present this data to customers.

Key Project Objectives:

Objectives of the project will be to bring awareness to SME manufacturing and supply chain companies in the process industry and to assist up to 120 SMEs with improved environmental management through a series of detailed work packages including:

  • an understanding of policy drivers;
  • an understanding and/or improved understanding of, and potential use of, and access to renewable feedstocks;
  • reducing the amount of waste produced;
  • an ability to demonstrate resource and energy efficiency including carbon footprint and greener credentials.

NEPIC's EU funded team will help SMEs establish a base line, develop an improvement programme and crucially enable companies to clearly state what their sustainability credentials are.

The clusters resources to assist SMEs is time limited, therefore if you are an SME and interested in joining the programme, please register your interest.

Please see the presentation on policy regimes and potential utilization of new and novel feedstocks from the January 2013 DEELOCSI workshop

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