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NEPIC International Biresources Conferences:

June 2014 
International Bioresources Conference 2014, 19th June, The Vermont Hotel, Newcastle.
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November 2012
International Bioresources Conference 2012, 22nd November, The Vermont Hotel, Newcastle.
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NEBR Members Meetings:

September 2015
NEBR Members Meeting 25th Septembner 2015, Wilton Centre
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October 2014
NEBR Members Meeting 24th October 2014, Wilton Centre
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January 2014
NEBR Members Meeting 31st January 2014, Wilton Centre
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Worldwide Events:

April 2016

ADBA Research and Innovation Forum 2016
6th April
York, UK

European Algae Biomass
20th-21st April
Berlin, Germany

May 2016

All-Energy Exhibition and Conference 2016
4th-5th May
Glasgow, UK

June 2016

EUBCE 2016 24th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition
6th-9th June
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cereals 2016
15th-16th June
Cambridgeshire, UK

July 2016

UK AD &Biogas 2016
6th-7th July
Birmingham, UK

September 2016
European Symposium on Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES) 2016
11th-14th September
Dublin, Ireland

NEPIC International Bioresources Conference 2016
22nd September
Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham

October 2016

Bioresource Technology for Bioenergy, Bioproducts and Environmental Sustainability
23rd-26th October
Sitges, Spain

Past events

Grower Network Open Day 2011

Growers on one of the OSR tours at Eyreholme Trial Site
Once again, a couple of hundred farmers attended the Open day. Work on the OSR crop during 10/11 has shown that improving rooting, building optimum plant populations, keeping the crop disease free and providing sufficient nutrients are all vital to crop yield. A range of different establishment techniques have been undertaken, together with some novel concepts such as the application of amino acids and natural microbial nitrogen enhancers.

Growers on one of the Winter Wheat tours at Eyreholme Trial Site
In terms of winter wheat, choosing the correct variety and nitrogen strategy are the two key areas. Early nitrogen application has led to high disease pressure, particularly yellow rust and eyespot. New chemistry such as SDHI and strobilurins give a clear visible advantage in yellow rust disease control over triazole chemistry alone. Spray coverage is essential to achieve best results from products with flat fan nozzles giving a clear visible advantage in disease control over low drift nozzles.

Bioresources Conference November 2010

Bioresources Conference November 2010

The 4th international bioresources conference was held at Newcastle Hilton on November 25. Despite the poor economic climate, there was an excellent turn out of delegates to hear a wide range of speakers and topics during the course of the day. Lord Henley parliamentary under secretary from DEFRA gave the keynote address as well as visiting a number of existing investments in renewables in the region and he also held meetings with prospective investors in the sector. Lord Cunningham, chair of the North East Sustainable Resources Board was also in attendance at the conference and was greatly impressed with what he saw and heard of the regions progress to date.

Grower Network Open Day 2010

Growers Network Open Day June 2010

The Grower Network Open Day and Wheat Trials Demonstration on the 23rd June 2010 at Eryholme, Darlington was held by kind permission of the Gibbon family. The event once again attracted over 200 local farmers who were able to see a comparison of wheat varieties, fungicides and development products, Nitrogen application rates and timings including the impact on carbon footprint and bioethanol yield. 

A range of exhibitors included ADAS, Agrovista, Agrogate, BASF, Bayer, DOW, DuPont, Yara and Farmway and complimented by Simba and Vaderstad with various crop establishment machines on view together with latest technology in both sprayers and spreaders. Ensus attracted a great deal of interest from local farmers, both in the area of wheat variety and the samples of dried distillers grain with solubles (DDGS) animal feed. 

Cereals 2010

Rural Affairs Spokesman John Seymour (right) with Growers at Cereals 2010

NEPIC represented the regional biofuels strategy once again at Cereals 2010, Europe’s largest outdoor arable commodities event.  The event was held at Royston in Hertfordshire during early June.

Cereals offers an ideal opportunity for the team to meet farmers, not only updating them on feedstock requirements for biofuels, but also recruiting farmers to participate in our Grower Network initiative, which concentrates on achieving best-practice in the production of agricultural crops as feedstock for biofuels.

Exhibiting at Cereals is also an ideal opportunity for the regional strategy for transport biofuels to explain and outline the grant schemes available for the growing of energy crops such as short rotation coppice (SRC) and miscanthus.

The NEPIC stand, housed within the Renewables Area, was visited by both farmers from the North East region and nationally,  providing the perfect platform for marketing and selling the North East region as the ideal location to produce renewable energy. 

The team, comprising of John Brady and Mark Lewis, were also able to relay to farmers and growers, impartial information on the recently announced Feed-in Tariffs (FIT’s) and Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC’s) schemes.

NEPIC heard how through the implementation of precision farming solutions, the carbon and sustainability issues surrounding feedstocks for biofuels could not only be addressed, but also significantly reduced.

It is envisaged that precision farming solutions would be of great interest to the Grower Network initiative. 

NEPIC and Industry Leaders meet with Former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

Iain Wright (MP Hartlepool), Ed Miliband (Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change), John Brady (NEPIC), Dari Taylor (MP Stockton South)

On February 18th 2010, NEPIC together with a strong industry delegation met with Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Our delegation had a 60 minute private discussion at Shotton Hall with the Minister ahead of the Easington Constituency Labour Party Annual Dinner. All delegates were given the opportunity to speak with the Minister directly and this provided an excellent platform for positive discussion. Three key themes resulting from the debate were:

1. Finance - obtaining capital was still proving very difficult especially taking into account the risks associated. Delegates spoke about a potential Government solution that would lower the risk of financing and the possibility of a loan guarantee scheme.
2. The misalignment of the 3 policies - Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO), the Renewables Obligation (RO) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). It was felt that no financial mechanism links them together and there needs to be a consistent carbon value.  
3. Messaging - there is a need for consistency of message across all sectors - political, industry and general public in order that the positive benefits of biofuels and biorenewable energy be conveyed correctly to all sectors and audiences’.

A number of senior industrialists from existing investor companies in renewable energy together with senior representatives from prospective investors were joined by Centre For Process Innovation (CPI), National Non Food Crops Centre, and Dari Taylor Former MP for Stockton South and Iain Wright MP (Hartlepool). John Brady, NEPIC's Senior Project Manager for Bioresources and Renewables who hosted the event, thanked the Minister for his time and valuable contribution and also thanked Dari Taylor who facilitated the private meeting. John commented” it is not often we get an opportunity with a Minister to discuss a wide range of topics with a large group in such a forum. Ed Miliband was both very attentive and approachable to our discussion and agreed to examine in further detail the key themes arising.”

Bioresources Conference November 2009

The 3rd Annual Bioresources Conference took place at The Hilton Hotel in Newcastle on 26th November 2009 and attracted an international audience with over 100 delegates. There was a strong delegation from Brazil and the conference agenda included presentations from Petrobras, UNICA and Embrapa. The Key note speech was delivered by Dari Taylor Former MP for Stockton South. 

Brazilian Delegates and Speakers at the Bioresources Conference

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