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North East Bioresources & Renewables (NEBR)

NIBC 2016

The NEPIC International Bioresources Conference will take place at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham on Thursday 22nd September 2016.

North East Bioresources and Renewables is a cluster of companies and organisations committed to the development of a sustainable low carbon economy in North East England. Our members share the common aims of promoting commercial and economic growth in this sector and building an industrial cluster/consortium to improve supply chains, business practices and efficiency.

Note from the Chairman

John SeymourBuilding upon the original Northeast Biofuels (NEB) cluster activity, we continue to seek potential for collaboration, business growth and inward investment within a diverse group covering a wide range of industrial activities in the broad area of bioresources and renewables. Drawn from a range of disciplines we have created a strategic advisory group (a NEPIC Thrust Team) which consists of a number of industrial leaders known as North East Bioresources and Renewables (NEBR).

NEBR is a catalyst to the development of this new industry in the North East of England and we are proactively seeking new members from the North East and beyond who can help us deliver this vision. I am immensely excited to be the Chairman of NEBR. Given what has been achieved to date, and the region’s assets and infrastructure, there are strong possibilities for further high impact investment opportunities, thereby further reducing the carbon footprint of UK Industry and further promoting the North East low carbon economy. Please Join us in developing this new industry.

Under the guidance of the strategic advisory group, there will be a number of networking events, meetings and activities for all interested member companies and organisations. Bioresources and renewable activity will continue to be focussed on:

  • Promoting the North East as a centre of biomass processing into renewable fuels, energy, heat and chemicals/materials,
  • Building the regional capability for business collaboration, growth and investment,
  • Identifying selected technology development projects with high impact potential including unconventional gas and industrial Carbon Capture and Storage (ICCS),
  • Encouraging the development and adoption of advanced technology in the region, 
  • Enhancing supply chains and associated infrastructure in the region,
  • Attracting funding to aid project development,
  • Exploring alternative, novel and sustainable feedstocks,
  • Developing an Industrial Biotechnology cluster in the region which will work to attract investment in renewable raw material based processing,
  • Sharing of sector developments and intelligence,
  • Acting as a voice for the Bioresources Sector.

Jerry Hopkinson
North East Bioresources & Renewables

North East Bioresources & Renewables, c/o NEPIC, Room H224, Wilton Centre, Wilton, Redcar, TS10 4RF | T +44 (0) 1642 442 560